silicic acid

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a jellylike substance (hydrated silica)

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The condensation reaction of silicic acid to form silica particles is strongly dependent on the pH of the solution (ref.
In present work, the copolymer of Melamine- N, N' Dimethylthiourea bonded with Silicic acid is prepared and characterized.
The strong hydrogen bonding between the organic and inorganic components effectively prevents silicic acid from aggregating for complete condensation [20].
These areas have high levels of other nutrients that plankton need to grow, including nitrate, phosphate, and silicic acid.
8, v/v/v) and the lipids contained in the organic phase were separated on silicic acid column into neutral lipid and phospholipid fractions.
Mark Alden, recently presented data from the first clinical trail demonstrating the efficacy of patented nanoparticle silicic acid, the backbone of avVaa's next generation of NeuroSkin products at the plenary session of the New Jersey Technology Council Conference at Princeton University.
OATS supply a mineral called silicic acid which is required to create spongy cells that sit between collagen and elastin.
We treated wood with boric acid and colloidal silicic acid solutions (CSAS) or with boric acid and silicic acid monomer solutions (SAMS), and tested for resistance to brown-rot fungus (Fomitopsis palustris) damage, fire resistance, and termite resistance.
Each new organism deposits the silicic acid in a compartment called the silica-deposition vesicle.
Quantitative determination of CL in mitochondrial electron transferring complexes by silicic acid high-performance liquid chromatography.
It's time to dig out those vest tops and bikinis from the back of your wardrobe and wear them without shame, once you've made a date with natural trouble-shooter Silicol Skin - a clinically-proven skin treatment made from pure silicic acid.
It contains silicic acid, which binds and removes toxins and irritants from the gut.
This cellulosic fiber contains silicic acid and is produced using a modified viscose process.
The product is coated with a fluorine-free compound and contains trimethylsiloxylated silicic acid anhydride.