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a porous form of silica that is highly absorbent

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Silica gel and bio-opal were employed to test the efficiency of NaOH solution in dissolving amorphous silica, whereas the crystalline materials were used to test the aggressiveness of the extractant against these minerals.
The dichloromethane extract was preadsorbed on silica gel 60 and chromatographed on the same adsorbent, using the Coll & Bowden vacuum liquid chromatography technique [16].
Pre-coated silica gel GF254 preparative plates (20x20 0.
If your child swallows a silica gel packet or its contents, the first thing is to make sure your child isn't choking.
The major advantage of silica beads for silica gel packets in India is that the change in color in the silica beads can be easily noticed with indicating types.
1) consists of silica gel powder (230 mesh to 400 mesh with silica gel-to-CLCE ratio of 40 g/g), composition of different eluents as shown in Table 1 and piston vacuum pump with vacuum pressure of 800 mbar.
Placed it overnight (with battery in place) in a bag of silica gel.
Literature survey reveals that the silica gel modified with polymers was proposed to be used in chromatographic ion-exchange separations and can be exploited for the preparation of anion exchange materials (23-27).
Catalytic performances of cobalt supported on silica nanosprings (Co/SiO2-NS) were evaluated and compared with conventional silica gel supported cobalt (Co/SiO2-gel) catalysts in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS) of syngas to higher alkanes.
Silica Gel Packs: Yes, those little thingies that come tucked into a new pair of shoes are basically moisture-absorbers.
World demand for specialty silicas--which include precipitated silica, fumed silica, silica gel, and silica sol--will grow at a healthy 5.
The joint research team investigated the adsorptive behavior of three samples - functionalized commercial silica gel (NH2-SG)CA, functionalized hollow nano silica (NH2-SNHSCA), and non-functionalized hollow nano silica (SNHS)- and concluded that the amine-modified hollow nano silica is an efficient adsorbent for the heavy metals namely nickel, cadmium and lead (CANi2+CA, Cd2+CA, Pb2+CACA).
Parts of this bauxite layer contain silica gel veinlets which in its current form, makes the bauxite grades too silica-rich.
Whether working with a simple flash purification system or with a complete automated chromatography system, the Sepacore line from BUCHI provides a flexible instrument for flash chromatography with normal phase or reversed phase silica gel columns and cartridges.