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a pure form of finely ground silica

a vacuum coffee maker

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It must be pointed out that Lartet made a double mistake in the references to silex in the above mentioned article.
Las variedades que se explotan para la talla suelen presentar una matriz silicea que le proporciona una dureza similar a la del silex aunque con cualidades cristalinas algo inferiores.
The trope of an upward climb will remain with him throughout his challenging life both in terms of physical trials as well as concrete textual examples of a spiritual nature found in the Silex.
El SILEX es una aplicacion en linea via Internet para la recoleccion, control de la calidad, presentacion y analisis de los datos del sistema hospitalario de vigilancia de las LCE establecido por el MSPAS de El Salvador.
Silex also offers a full range of DPF and SCR technologies for diesel engines.
GE Energy's nuclear business and Australia materials technology developer Silex Systems Limited today said they have received required U.
Samples of the silex SX-550 wireless module are available immediately.
0 Hi-Speed connectivity but it is still rare that you can take advantage of the USB Hi-Speed feature when networking such devices," said Keith Sugawara, silex vice president of networking division.
The Swedish fingerprint and smart card-based authentication systems supplier Precise Biometrics AB said on Thursday (23 June) that it was strengthening its partnership with the Japanese company silex technology Inc, by implementing a new share issue directed towards its Japanese partner.
Henry Vaughan's Silex Scintillans: Scripture Uses is based on West's Cambridge dissertation, written under the supervision of the late Jeremy Maule.
The Silex communication system made its first laser link transmission of an image from one satellite to another.
Taking these in the order given, the satellite-to-satellite laser data link test took place on 21 November 2001 when the Astrium designed and built SILEX laser terminal was used to establish contact between the ESA's Artemis communications satellite and the SPOT 4 observation vehicle.
The three selected maize cultivars mature early in their respective environments: Corso (single cross) and Silex (three-way cross) are Swiss hybrids, and Suwan 2 is a Thai open-pollinated cultivar.
More important, no doubt, is the absence from this study of the important volume of essays edited by Georges Ngal and Martin Steins, Cesaire 70 (Paris: Silex, 1984).
Many Of the people who live in those communities work for Proctor Silex, whose parent company, NACCO Industries, intends to move the assembly lines to Mexico by the end of the year, stranding 800 workers.