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any of the minor woodland deities who were companions of Dionysus (similar to the satyrs)

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Apuleius combines a reverse Silenus box with the classical motif of Pandora's box to show how Psyche's unruly curiosity causes her to lose contact with the divine.
Silenus laughs because his vision is so bleak that it explodes all forms of judgment or standard contextual frameworks of response.
com)-- Professional spelunker, gold prospector and political scientist Martin Silenus will be celebrating the launch of his highly anticipated science fiction e-novelette, The Song of God, by offering it for free to Amazon.
In the Theaetetus, Socrates and Theodorus find Theaetetus 'amazingly gifted', even though he resembles Socrates (143e-144b), and in the Symposium's encomium of Socrates (214a-222c), we hear of his resemblance to a Silenus, but are told that he possesses god-like features.
Kelly is a vintner; his wine, from Xaviar's Cellars in Napa, California, was called Silenus.
On the surface neither the sixth Eclogue with its dedication and the lengthy song of Silenus nor the fourth Eclogue seem completely at home in a collection of pastoral poetry.
Dionysos and Silenus seated, Ariadne grasping a snake, Eros, a satyr with a thyrsos, and another maenad with a short thyrsos and head thrown back complete the mythological ensemble, but it does not seem like the figures are part of a known moment within a narrative.
There were several scale weights in the form of a bust of a goddess, a beautiful sculpture of the god Harpocrates, another of Herakles, and a mask of Silenus.
And when Rubens looked back to the classical world he could produce a full frontal drawing of old Silenus, which leaves nothing to the imagination, while his young nude males in intimate situations are lyrical within the unabashed pleasure Rubens took in the exposed body.
Socrates himself was compared not only to a silenus or satyr, but specifically to Marsyas, by Alcibiades in the Symposium.
On the whole, though, the author fearlessly embraces complexity, and is particularly scrupulous in her careful distinctions between different members of the satyr family: Silenus, Marsyas, Pan, and Midas.
The key images Waddington studies in his richly illustrated book are the Priapus, the Erasmian author portrait, the author-as-prophet portrait, and many variations of the satyr or the silenus (a philosophical satyr), including the phallic-satyr head.
They lashed up old Silenus with picket ropes and carried him in to Sariaya, as far as old Betelnut's shack, where the Major had the farrier make an iron collar, and they chained the monkey to a banana tree in old Betelnut's back yard.
What is disturbing about Rubens' Munich Silenus," Svetlana Alpers writes about the painter's Drunken Silenus,
Was not He too a marvellous Silenus (if one maybe allowed to use such language of Him)?