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Chaplin screen contemporary Mary Pickford articulated this sentiment in the most provocatively succinct manner: "It would have been more logical if silent pictures had grown out of the talkies instead of the other way around.
The impetus behind the new interest among mainstream fest programmers lies with the burgeoning number of festivals devoted entirely to the genre, spearheaded by the Pordenone Silent Film Festival, entering its 25th year this October.
He also learned how to use his Fotoplayer to ``narrate'' or add a live soundtrack to a silent film.
For decades the silent, considered by many experts as the superior version, languished largely unseen in vaults but a new print was issued by the British Film Institute in the 1980s.
In Silent Movie every face is more than a crystal physiognomy or a psychostructural episteme or scar-cum-madeleine.
Eighty-three percent of "Silent Generation" pre-retirees and 90% of retirees are confident that they have enough money to live comfortably until at least age 85, according to the MetLife Retirement Income Decisions Study: The Silent Generation Speaks.
Following the tour and dinner, catered by Rattlers, guests will be treated to an outdoor viewing of Hart's 1917 silent film ``The Silent Man.
Spite Marriage" - Keaton's final silent comedy is presented here with its original Vitaphone music score.
Movie, now known as the Silent Movie Theatre, opened Feb.
UCLA Film and Television Archive and the Silent Society of Hollywood Heritage Inc.
In 1987, the Foundation purchased the bulk of the collection originally owned by Silent Movie Theatre founder John Hampton, and deposited it with the UCLA Film and Television Archive.
The UCLA Film and Television Archive has identified a number of important silent films in its collection to preserve as part of the Saving the Silents project.
Congress 1993), founded Silent Spring Institute as an independent organization dedicated to breast cancer and environment research (Brody et al.
SANTA CLARITA - Residents will have the opportunity Friday to step back in time to an era when flappers danced the Charleston and silent movies were all the rage.
There's an all-you-can-watch fest this weekend for silent film buffs.