silent treatment

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an aloof refusal to speak to someone you know

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This might include giving your partner the silent treatment, drinking alcohol to numb emotional pain or burying your head in the sand.
She just says she's not angry and then gives me the silent treatment.
Branko Gjorgievski comments in Dnevnik that he is surprised by the silent treatment of the professional public following the announcements presented by the potential new PM that the judicial system will be revised and judges will be re-elected.
Salam awaits positive vibes by the disrupters," he said, explaining that Salam was giving a silent treatment to those mal-performing within the cabinet.
What gave Mourinho the chance to bring on the silent treatment was fury, and .
He reacts by locking away the latest prescription, sleeping on the sofa, and generally giving his wife the silent treatment, so Kylie decides to turn to someone else for answers about her son's condition - Max's dad Callum.
Yes, we know he's grieving but she doesn't deserve the silent treatment.
Whether other officers will give him the silent treatment is for him to find out.
3 JOSE MOURINHO revealed a dose of the silent treatment at half-time led to an improved performance from his Chelsea side as Andre Schurrle hit a hat-trick to see off Fulham at Craven Cottage.
On a popular Web site, giving advice about relationship issues, Paul (2014) refers to the silent treatment as "A Harmful Way To Get What You Want.
Our recognition on the international beer stage for Crystal Bitter, Silent Treatment Pale and Born & Raised IPA are good validation points that No-Li has arrived.
Abusive bosses who target employees with ridicule, public criticism and the silent treatment not only have a detrimental effect on the employees they bully, but they have a negative impact on the work environment for the coworkers of these employees who suffer from "second-hand" or vicarious abusive supervision, according to new research from the University of New Hampshire.
QATIF: The silent treatment landed a couple in divorce court in Qatif, Eastern Province, after the husband filed to annul the marriage due to his wife's unwillingness to speak to him.
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