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a partner (who usually provides capital) whose association with the enterprise is not public knowledge

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The silent partner may demand for a copy of balance sheet and profit and loss account, and to ascertain the authenticity of the contents, wherein for this purpose, he shall have the right to review the company books and documents in person or through an authorised representative.
Brothers Colin and Gary Manning today announced they had purchased the shares of silent partner Tom Morris of TJ Morris, the parent company of Croxteth-based discount store chain Home Bargains.
Surprisingly, the IRS can end up with more than your family and is the ever-present silent partner in every family business.
Swift is running a newspaper in Beaumont, South Carolina, and Holt is her mysterious silent partner and the brother of her best friend, who is married to a former wrestler who is running for mayor.
Taking on the role of silent partner on occasion, too, is something that indigenous peoples are asking of these same governments today.
Silent Partner recently introduced a product that will give hunters peace of mind should they find themselves in one of these situations.
Silver mysteriously gives them the chance to race his dog, Silent Partner, they see an opportunity for untold wealth, but it's no surprise that the dog fails to win his first couple races.
In 1977, he become involved with raising tax-shelter financing for Daryl Duke's The Silent Partner, which was being produced by Stephen Young.
She returned the favor, nursing him through his illnesses, assisting on his shows--"a sort of silent partner," she called herself when we talked in 1999.
Called the Silent Partner silencer, it was developed by Donaldson with cooperation from Jacobs Vehicle Systems, manufacturer of the Jake Brake engine compression brake.
Do you have reason to believe the agent or partner is engaged in illegal conduct under local law or is engaged in business with a silent partner who is a government official or member of the ruling family?
Their dialogue resulted in what was perceived as a market coup for Picasso: Rosenberg, with Wildenstein as his silent partner, offered to represent Picasso worldwide, and committed to buy a significant number of works each year.
The MEMODYNE Silent Partner Thermal Printer is attached to the Galaxy circulation control terminal to provide patrons with an easy-to-read receipt, indicating their returned or charged items or their fines or fees payment.
of Rocky Mount, NC; Chairman of the ASIS Standing Committee on Food Services The Silent Partner, by the president of Loss Prevention Consultants (LPC), details the activities of 345 thieves in 28 businesses over a period of five years.
Success of Partners Program Highlighted in Silent Partner Relationship