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a partner (who usually provides capital) whose association with the enterprise is not public knowledge

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Your company has the right to terminate the venture if a change in the foreign venturer's situation - for example, an individual becomes a foreign-government or party official, or a corporate joint venturer acquires a silent partner who is a government official - creates a potential FCPA risk or violation.
of Rocky Mount, NC; Chairman of the ASIS Standing Committee on Food Services The Silent Partner, by the president of Loss Prevention Consultants (LPC), details the activities of 345 thieves in 28 businesses over a period of five years.
Success of Partners Program Highlighted in Silent Partner Relationship
Summary: Having been a silent partner in crime for years, the extent of Russia's military assistance to the Syrian government is now out in the open, with the foreign minister Thursday promising to increase such aid if need be.
I was the silent partner and had eventually intended to take a small, parttime role when I retired," he said.
As Chairman of Footage Films and Silent Partner Entertainment Group, Mr.
Unfortunately for you, your silent partner was also silent when it came to divvying up his assets to his offspring.
com)-- Silent Partner Technologies (SPT) and Vision Voice & Data Solutions (Vision) have teamed up to successfully deliver a motorized wheel chair tracking system for The Boston Home campus.
It says: "AS WE REMEMBER 9/11 TEN YEARS LATER, AL QAEDA'S SILENT PARTNER IS COMING TO NEW YORK" with a picture of Ahmadi-nejad making clear who the silent partner is.
The five-times world champion was a silent partner with friend Barry Birch.
anti-Islam Freedom party of Geert Wilders PVV as a silent partner, Dutch media
His character is also the silent partner in the Chez Chez nightclub run by Cheryl Brady.
THE owners of top city restaurants 60 Hope Street and The Quarter have bought out a silent partner and are planning to expand.
They starved the school of funds, and so helped deprive the children of food, warm clothing;" and, "The Indian Department was the silent partner at Spanish, leaving it to the Jesuits and Sisters to take the blame for any shortage felt by the children (p.
BlackHawk Blades, the new cutlery division of BlackHawk Products Group, introduced the Silent Partner tactical knife.