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He tries to get back on his feet by making a silent movie with the help of sidekicks Marty Eggs and Dom Bell.
But his life is turned upside-down when the era of the silent movie comes to an end and the actor fears he will be left behind.
It will take movie-goers back in time to the era of silent movies.
As Anthony Lane wrote in his review, "The Artist will cleave--far more loyally than Mel Brooks' Silent Movie (1976) did--to the rules of the game, supplying not just printed titles, but a breathless musical score, unblushing melodrama, a bouquet of sight gags, a girl with a kiss curl, and a corpulent cop.
CHARLIE CHAPLIN AS the world's most recognisable silent movie star, it's no surprise Charles Spencer Chaplin is included in the records.
One thing Hazanavicius avoided was another non-talkie of modern times, Mel Brooks' 1976 comedy Silent Movie.
The synchronised blinks occurred at "non-critical" points during the silent movie - at the conclusion of an action sequence or when the main character had disappeared from view.
He made City Lights as a silent movie but by the time he'd finished the world had changed so he created a score himself.
CHARLIE Chaplin and Buster Keaton were among the silent movie greats.
Mitchell, one of the last original silent movie organists, has a pocket calendar filled with gigs at churches, theaters and events.
The company filmed "The Burglar on the Roof," a one-minute silent movie by J.
Then a star at Paris' Folies Bergeres, Baker galvanized the world with her first, a silent movie, Siren of the Tropics (1928), in which her Charleston encompasses so many cultural influences that Baker quickly made the transition from exotic beauty to mainstream icon.
Flickers: The British Silent Movie Era In A Quirky Masterpiece Theater Drama featuring Bob Hoskins and Frances de la Tour is the timeless and classic story of Arnie Cole, Maud, and a diverse troop of eccentric characters who were caught up in the making of silent movies in the earliest years of filmmaking in England.
Watching a silent movie is a chore for many people.
The resulting silent movie was a brilliant piece of slapstick, linking the crustiest of narratives with the craftiest of cinematic devices.