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(genetics) either of a pair (or series) of alternative forms of a gene that can occupy the same locus on a particular chromosome and that control the same character

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We described a DdeI PCR-RFLP method for detecting a silent allele in the goat POU1F1 gene: TCT (241Ser)>TCG (241Ser).
In 1978, Viby-Mogensen and Hanel (2) typed 225 Danish patients with silent phenotypes and determined that the phenotype composition was 47% homozygous atypical allele, 13% heterozygous atypical allele, 9% heterozygous silent allele, 3% heterozygous fluoride allele, 6% rare genotypes, and 13% who could not be classified diagnostically by biochemical criteria.
Characterization of inherited BCHE variants by inhibitor-based phenotyping is a well-described technique capable of identifying atypical, fluoride, and silent alleles.
Characterization of 12 silent alleles of the human butyrylcholinesterase (BCHE) gene.
In Japan, there have been other reports of silent alleles in addition to our previous reports [11,12].