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any of the minor woodland deities who were companions of Dionysus (similar to the satyrs)

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With its the home base at the Hawke's Bay, New Zealand's oldest wine region, consisting of a large vineyard of 800 ha total (250 ha contract grape growers), Sileni Estate Winery's first vintage was made in 1998.
Among the individual producers, Sileni Estates in the Hawkes Bay region will have its Cellar Selection Unoaked Chardonnay on the stand of distributor Raisin Social (M40).
Rabelais goes on to compare his own text to sileni, usually defined either as satyrs or as satyr figurines which could be opened to reveal hidden divinities, but which his prologue describes as painted caskets:
Bacchus was wandering with the rout of satyrs and Nysa-born Sileni, seeking thee, Ariadne, and fired with they love; .
It was here I met Nigel Davies, a winemaker from Sileni Estates based in Hawkes Bay.
251-64) And in another part [of the tapestry] youthful Bacchus was wandering with the band of Satyrs and the Nysa-born Sileni, seeking you, Ariadne, and fired with your love; then the swift bacchants here and there were raging with frenzied mind, euhoe, crying tumultuously, euhoe, shaking their heads.
In Sileni Alcibiadis, from the 1515 edition of his Adages, Erasmus had proposed that history has been radically altered for the better by those whom he called Sileni.
The hitherto silent island of Naxos has startlingly become populated with fauns and maenads and sileni and old Silenus himself swaying inebriate on his donkey.
In the Symposium, Alcibiades "compares Socrates with the Sileni, those carved figurines with satyrlike and grotesque images on the exterior, but pure gold inside" (Behler 80).
Five years on Sileni Estate, a massive 150-hectare vineyard in Hawke's Bay, produces high quality wines for the export market.
Grant Edmonds, who makes some of the most generous, silky-textured reds from Bordeaux varieties at Sileni winery in Hawke's Bay, believes that Cabernet Sauvignon remains a difficult variety to grow in New Zealand.
Sileni Estates Merlot/Cabernets 1998, Hawkes Bay - imported by famed Burgundy producer Louis Latour, this wine has full, silky, red berry fruit coupled with great complexity and structure (pounds 12.
Sileni are companions of Dionysus and are usually distinguished from satyrs by being always old, frequently bald, and always bearded.
There are nymphs but there are also fauns, satyrs and sileni.