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Many researchers were studied antimicrobial activity of some Silene species in Table 3.
The Mouzannar brand has recently collaborated with Zaha Hadid to build the Silene Cuff range.
Silene acaulis) the species composition (Appendix, Table S2) is characterized by indicators of dry and cryoturbated soils (e.
With around 700 species (Melzheimer, 1988), Silene is the largest genus of the family, which is most diverse in the Mediterranean region and the Middle East (Greuter, 1995).
This study examines whether there is sexual dimorphism in the microbial communities of Silene latifolia floral nectar.
For the photographic triptych Silene (outgrowth), he obtained photos from a Russian laboratory of plants grown in a Jurassic Park--like procedure, from seeds buried by squirrels thirty-two thousand years ago in permafrost.
Silene, Hippobromus and Dianthus species, all of which are reported to have psychoactive properties (Sobiecki 2008; Hirst 2000).
At first the reconstituted plants, identified as the extant species Silene stenophylla, looked exactly like their modern relatives.
Cultivated from fruit tissues that were recovered from frozen sediment in Siberia, Silene stenophylla is by far the oldest to be brought back from the dead.
This company offers PPG's precipitated silicas, including the Hi-Sil and Silene product lines.
Neil Cammies STRAIGHT OFF THE VINE Another smasher from the Languedoc requires a bit more investment but the DOMAINE DU SILENE COTEAUX DU LANGUEDOC 2004 (RRP pounds 19.
rubra, Shepherdia soapberry canadensis Evergreen shrubs: Labrador tea Ledum decumbens, Andromeda 66 and Andromeda polifolia Crowberry and Empetrum nigrum, Vaccinium 53 lingonberry vitis-idaea Dryas and Dryas integrifolia, Silene acaulis 140 Silene Cassiope Cassiope tetragona 50
A superlative catchfly (Silene) is Silene laciniata 'Jack Flash' and the name suits it so well, for the starburst blooms present themselves in a shocking, orangey-red, born on wand-like stems.
Night-blooming plants include Silene alba (white campion), a wild flower with delicate, evening scented white flowers, Ipomoea alba (moonflower), a night-blooming relative of the Morning Glory, and Mirabilis jalapa, also known as Four O'Clock, a native of Peru which offers both trumpet-shaped flowers and a jasmine scent.