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short tube attached to the muzzle of a gun that deadens the sound of firing

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a tubular acoustic device inserted in the exhaust system that is designed to reduce noise

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12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SilencerCo, the leading firearm silencer manufacturer, has released the newest installment of their popular Fight the Noise series of videos.
Transferring a silencer means applying for a transfer application, and that can take months.
Sig's lawsuit also asks the court to declare that its device is not intended only for use in making a silencer and to grant it costs, attorneys' fees and "other relief .
Brian Connolly went on trial on Thursday based on evidence that showed his DNA was inside the thread of a screw-in silencer found amongst a cache of arms in Walton.
He converted the bonus shot and KAMC stole the game from Silencer.
Experts at the original trial said it would have been physically impossible for Sheila to commit suicide with the silencer fitted.
That has not deterred young men, who are making the rounds of mechanics to remove silencers from their motorcycles.
Paul Woods, aged 22, received a nine-year sentence at Birmingham Crown Court for possession of a hand gun with a silencer that was found loaded with live ammunition.
According to a letter that contains remarks from an ATF official, Chore Boy household scrubbers can be considered a component of a gun silencer and.
Another common analysis requiring an integrated 1D/ 3D pulsation analysis alongside the mechanical analysis is the design of screw compressor silencer bottles.
FORMER Coventry captain Edward Kennett has received a 12-month ban for using an illegal silencer in the match at Lakeside earlier this month.
But Brummies boss Graham Drury says Kasprzak has told him he is innocent of any charges the Swedish federation are throwing at him regarding the silencer issue.
Kennett was hit with a one-week suspension and stripped of the Coventry captaincy for using an illegal silencer in the 48-42 Elite League win at Lakeside on Friday.
RAWALPINDI, May 10, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The rickshaws devoid of silencer are plying in different parts of Rawalpindi are causing noise pollution and agitation among the people.