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reduced to silence


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People have more trouble remembering silenced memories related to what they or others talk about than silenced memories unrelated to the topic at hand.
Employing the tools of the literary critic, Evans effectively shows how patriarchy and white supremacy in Live Oak constructed a story and silenced McCollum and others to protect their community and its history.
Workers who opt out most often lose grievance and voting rights on union contracts and union officers, thus paying agency shop union dues but once again truly having their voices silenced in their own unions.
He defied the communist leaders and would not be silenced until his people were liberated from communist rule.
This discovery allowed the development of cell lines and animal models with permanently silenced genes--a major step forward for basic science in general, and especially for functional genomics.
Warren notes at the end of the introduction that his "study will argue that for most of the century lead poisoning, in all its guises, was silenced by design--and that since it was silenced once, it may be silenced once again.
Another is that many genes are not silenced but are only whispering instead of blaring out of turn.