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fodder harvested while green and kept succulent by partial fermentation as in a silo


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Volac's PS5m silage additive fermentation and freeze drying plant, together with accompanying R&D laboratories, were offi-cially opened last week at Port Talbot by the Deputy Minister for Farming Rebecca Evans.
Still, failure to correctly manage silage during filling and storage can result in a substantial loss of quality.
When livestock are grown for commercial purpose, farmers need to put more focus on the animal safety, which can be achieved through silage additives.
The first growth of caramba grown on a farm located in Kiraz-Odemis-izmir (38[degrees]23'S, 28[degrees]20'W, h: 312 m; the average annual rainfall is 1,020 mm), was harvested at the growing stage in early May with a silage cutting machine and used for the preparations of hay and wilted silage.
According to Dr Basil Lowman, a livestock specialist at Scotland's Rural College, one of many things to have suffered is the quality of silage made for feeding next winter.
Bacterial silage inoculant will be provided by K-State.
Two dairy enterprises from Pembrokeshire topped the 2014-15 silage awards run by the Federation of Welsh Grassland Societies and the RWAS.
Lactic acid concentrations of 37g/kg DM in elephant grass silage ensiled with 3% molasses was higher compared with 15g/kg DM concentration without molasses [8].
Productivity is increased at the same time due to the possibility of flexibly mixing the input materials as an alternative to using expensive maize silages, says a company release.
The AG Pro 12-20 provides width adjustability while retaining the load-carrying capacity of a non-adjustable blade with silage end plates.
Hence, the moisture contents of FVR are high; the silage making is not simple.
However, this year's wet weather has led to significant delays in silage making on many farms.
YOUNG farmers are involved in the latest cr-hay-ze hitting You Tube - filming each other cutting silage.
NO WEATHER WORRIES: Farnley Tyas farmer Sam Peace found the answer to harvesting in damp conditions in June 1950 - silage.
Internat'l Grassland Congress (20th: 2005: Dublin, Ireland) Satellite Workshop: Internat'l Silage Conference (14th) Ed.