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Synonyms for signpost

a post bearing a sign that gives directions or shows the way

mark with a signpost, as of a path

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Randy's resolve soon was tested to its limit, as a giant whitetail made his way down from a ridge, on a beeline for the signpost.
CRASH: The damaged central reservation and (inset) the flattened signpost
It hit a signpost on the island bringing the vehicle to a halt.
Signpost was started in 2009 as Postabon and investors include Spark Capital, Google Ventures and well-known angel investors.
Instead of relying on an internal sales force to secure exclusive deals with merchants, our Deal Scouts introduce Signpost to businesses that they already frequent," said Stuart Wall, Signpost CEO.
At the end of a drive to a stone house look for a signpost to your left with signs for Hafod Wen and New Brighton.
That''s because of the hard work of all the ITV SignPost team and it''s great to see that work recognised.
Signpost turned to Stepclever and Liverpool Chamber of Commerce for advice on tender processes.
She reckons she walked as far in the wrong direction as in the right one because signposts had seemingly been tampered with by so-called revellers and the city council either hadn't noticed or couldn't be bothered to do anything about it.
The industry is currently split over whether traffic lights or GDAs are the best form of signpost labelling.
Of course, any attempt to typify the whole of Western historiography is bound to fail if pushed too far, but Kelley handles his distinction with an enviable lightness of touch, employing it more as a signpost than as a systematizing device.
All that remained was a last photograph under the signpost at John O'Groats - to record the moment.
Since that initial start, God has always given me a signpost as to what to do in life.
SAGA's directors discuss what it is like to film under these conditions, and they underscore that Sarajevo is a multi-ethnic, multicultural city whose survival or destruction will stand as a signpost for the Twenty-first Century.
Not only is Signpost adding more than 1,000 scouts per week, but it is also helping to provide an employment opportunity to numerous underemployed and unemployed Americans.