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the estate of a seigneur

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for greater convenience, particularly when the signory is also present, twelve sacerdotes, of which eight are invited outside of the house from the royal cappella, perform [the service] (p.
does not work because children born later by another father and nor by Girolamo Riaria would have had no right to the Signory of Forli; 196, n.
Rather, they have fashioned it into a statement of their mercantile supremacy at sea and they act out a ritualized wedding between their city referred to here as la Signoria, and the Mediterranean Sea: "then the Signory went forth with great pomp to wed the sea in the Bucentaur, with so many handsomely dressed gentlemen on board, so much music and singing, that it seemed a paradise.
Michael Bratchel's article examines politics in Lucca from the end of the signory of Paolo Guinigi to the French invasion of Italy (1430-94).
Vannoccio was closely allied with Borghese Petrucci, Pandolfo's unstable son, who was deposed from the Sienese signory in 1516; at this time Vannoccio escaped to Naples along with his former patron; see Ticci 8:17v, 22v, 35, 39v, 41v.