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an Italian courtesy title for an unmarried woman

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an Italian title or form of address for an unmarried woman

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In the C major section, the story focuses on the mother and the paper wings that Signorina made her.
She introduced us to Signorina Rina, known as Sarina: she was the only one, apart from the headmistress, who knew about our situation as fugitives.
This throws out completely Ellmann's having Signorina Popper as Joyce's pupil in 1913-14, the period corresponding to events alluded to in Giacomo Joyce.
IN THESE COMPANION VOLUMES we find La signorina e altri racconti in the original Italian and in the English translation done by Martha King and Carol Lazzaro-Weis.
Ernest's connection with Signorina Bellia was by no means as serious as that with Agnes von Kurowsky, the nurse at the Red Cross hospital in Milan he had fallen in love with.
In Pasadena's production, Alyson Reed and Anthony Crivello play the two lovers, while Carol Lawrence is the colorful pension owner, Signorina Fioria.
HAPPY Frankie Dettori rode his first winner of the year for John Dunlop on Signorina Cattiva at Ascot to leave the trainer ruing what might have been.
123); the 'objective preconditions' of Pizzuto's Signorina Rosina include 'a subaltern social perspective' (that of the Sicilian petite bourgeoisie) on Italy's industrial boom of the late 1950s (pp.
The company was led by the famous tenor Signor Garcia, and its cast included Signorina Maria Garcia, who later became widely known as Mme.
12) all traded short, only to be upstaged by Signorina Roseina, who touched 80 before prevailing by a neck.
14) Si veda l'introduzione al volume La Signorina e altri racconti nell'edizione americana a cura di Carol Lazzaro-Weis.
Brunetti must intervene (with the able assistance of ever-so-resourceful and devious Signorina Elettra) in an attempt to forestall any further violence.
Una signorina che si rispetta ha almeno tre fidanzati in tempo di guerra" (67-68).
Signorina also participated in the National Institute for Health Common Fund Human Microbiome Project (HMP).
Signorina Gioventu, 1930), two cantatas (Boure [The Tempest], 1910; Svatebni kosile [The Wedding Shirt], 1913), two symphonies (1934, 1943), twenty or so orchestral works, a dozen chamber works, a series of piano pieces and cycles, and several dozen choral and song cycles .