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the estate of a seigneur

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5) Taking his cue from Philip Jones, who argues that there was little difference between the ruling elites of Renaissance republics and signories,(6) Kohl offers a sympathetic account of one of the leading signorial dynasties, the Carrara of Padua.
92) Or one can imagine him dreaming of an Etruscan federation of republics and signories extending from Arezzo west to Siena, Volterra, and Pisa, and then up to Lucca, allying itself with the Visconti and finally overwhelming the Medici regime in Florence.
Indeed, some of the language associated with this process is suggestive of waste; Bolingbroke tells Bushy and Green, "you have fed upon my signories, / Dispark'd my parks and fell'd my forest woods, / From my own windows torn my household coat, / Ras'd out my imprese, leaving me no sign" (III.