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an Italian title of respect for a man

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Signore Piccolo has been off the course since October and this will be his first start for 183 days, but it's worth noting he recorded his careerbest RPR when bolting up by two and a quarter lengths on his reappearance in a 5f Nottingham handicap last year, suggesting he is best when fresh.
The leading Italian group will work in cooperation with Susanna Del Signore, Sanofi R&D, together with GSK, Novartis, Eli-Lilly and Servier, the private pillar of this initiative.
Il letterato, insomma, diventa cortigiano, e offre il suo sapere al servizio del signore.
Vivre Noblement" is the title of the first section of her Part I, "The Desire for Painting," the second half dealing with "Painting and the Popularization of Vivre Noblement" yet identical social aspirations and their implementation are true too for all socially ambitious Monsieur or Madame or Herr and Frau or Signore and Signora Gotrocks (most notably the Medici), all striving in parallel fashion to avail themselves of the prerogatives of bluer blood reflected in fancier lifestyles.
IROC president Jay Signore said his crew is dedicated to making the cars as close as possible in performance.
As part of the company's commitment to scale intelligently, Matter Founder and CEO Scott Signore also added 20 percent more staff in 2012 (60 in total, doubling since 2008) and dramatically expanded the company's physical presence.
President of Universal Insurance Agency who launched the agency in 1981, Larry Signore, will bring all of his clients to the new site.
The rapier is not to be used as a cutlass, signore.
It worked for Newmarket-based Amy Weaver, whose Signore Momento was backed from a morning 10-1 for the 7f handicap into 4-1 at the off and justified the support by a neck under Irish claimer Gary Carroll.
NO, no, no signore Mancini, monsieur Vieira and meneer De Jong.
Shane Hall & The Tickle Bomb Orchestra (featuring "hip-hop-funk-rock fusion visionary" Shane Hall, keyboardist Justin Bowse, drummer Brian Del Signore, guitarist Adam Trudel and vocalist Jessica Lovina O'Neill) will be leading the brigade.
We have been asked to point out that Signore Sardone at no time suggested or implied that people ought not to comply with parking regulations.
Luczo-Dragon Racing has also named Jay Signore, President of International Race of Champions, as the Team Manager.
For original, see Machiavelli, 1993, 208: "Ammazzarono, alcuni congiurati Forlivesi, il conte Girolamo loro signore, presono la moglie ed i suoi figliuoli che erano piccoli, e non parendo loro potere vivere sicuri se non si insignorivano della fortezza e non volendo il castellano dana loro, Madonna Caterina (che cosi si chiamava la contessa) promise ai congiurati, che se la lasciavano entrare in quella, di farla consegnare loro, e che ritenessono a presso di loro i suoi figliuoli per istatichi.
Cristiano Dal Sasso of the Civic Museum of History in Milan and Marco Signore of the University of Bristol in England have studied the fossil and report their findings in the March 26 Nature.