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an Italian title of address equivalent to Mrs

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an Italian title or form of address for a married woman

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Lomellini says slowly, I fear this will sound abrupt, Signora.
La madama conocida como La Signora exige y obtiene tanto la obediencia de sus pupilas como el respeto de los pensionados (solo hombres solos) y, ante todo, de los casi serviles Casavecchia, cuya hija de seis e hijo de ocho anos la tratan como una zia, una tia, importante y reputada.
When thinking of La Signora, I am almost inevitably drawn back to one of her most famous roles, Puccini's Tosca.
Mae Signora Maria wedi bod yn gwneud pasta cartref ers dros 60 mlynedd ac mae'n mynnu mai coginio o'r galon sy'n bwysig wrth baratoi'r pasta perffaith.
My son had what I called a Signora hat--a light cap he wore on warmer days to protect him not from the cold, but rather, from too many complaints.
Walter Signora, head guidance counselor at Killingly High School, says that he was delighted to have his students participate in ELDERtech, as it fits nicely into the school's new community service program.
Additionally, it explains Signora Ponza's declaration at the end of the play that she is "no-one" [nessuna].
Carmen Laurenza Ziolkowski explores the ageing mother's experience in "Blood Relatives," in which Signora Cavalieri, at her ninetieth birthday party, decides to announce that the construction company she and her husband built since immigrating will go to her adopted illegitimate grandson, Rene.
Behind the scheme were three individuals connected with SISMI--Rocco Martino, a former Italian secret agent turned freelance intelligence peddler; Colonel Antonio Nucera, a recently retired deputy chief of SISMI's counter-proliferation division; and a woman codenamed "La Signora," a longtime SISMI asset working as a secretary at the Niger embassy in Rome--who came together sometime in 1999 or 2000.
The town gossips are vibrating over the unusual living situation of a trio of newcomers--Signor Ponza and his reclusive wife, who share an apartment, and the signor's mother-in-law, Signora Frola, who is maintained by Ponza in a separate residence and kept from seeing her daughter.
The Afterword somewhat surprisingly comes after the Appendices and is by Michael Meredith (the general editor) and Signora Simonetta Berbeglia and is entitled 'The Truth behind the Franceschini Murder Case'.
99) the Stega-Borgias come home from a holiday and a series of unfortunate events occurs, including Latch, the family retainer, collapsing, the signora not feeling well and Titus upset because he may have to go to boarding school.
Lamberto Laudisi Tony Randall Amalia Agazzi Penny Fuller Dina Mireille Enos Butler Herb Foster Signora Sirelli Jurian Hughes Signor Sirelli Peter Maloney Signora Cini Yolande Bavan Coucillor Agazzi Henry Strozier Signora Frola Maria Tucci Signor Ponza Brennan Brown Signora Nenni Natalie Norwick Police Commissioner Peter Ganim The Governor Fred Burrell Signora Ponza Florencia Lozano
As the greatly undervalued La Signora di Tutti demonstrates, Ophuls from very early on was critically concerned with the commodification and fetishisation of the celebrity in the 20th century; yet the film never relinquishes the director's empathy with its actress heroine, Gaby Doriot/Isa Miranda, and a woman's subservient position within patriarchal capitalist society.
Vivre Noblement" is the title of the first section of her Part I, "The Desire for Painting," the second half dealing with "Painting and the Popularization of Vivre Noblement" yet identical social aspirations and their implementation are true too for all socially ambitious Monsieur or Madame or Herr and Frau or Signore and Signora Gotrocks (most notably the Medici), all striving in parallel fashion to avail themselves of the prerogatives of bluer blood reflected in fancier lifestyles.