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used as an Italian courtesy title


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Designed by Tyneside based Space ID, the look of Signor Prosecco is very stylish yet classic and Cristian thinks the bar fills a fizz-shaped void on the banks of the Tyne.
Y no podemos entender que el signor Bragadin, aficionado a la ciencia, le haya creido ni media palabra de lo dicho, como el pretende.
11 April 2016 - US workers' compensation industry specialists Franco Signor and Tropics Software Technologies have joined forces to provide a client experience for Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension Act (MMSEA) reporting services, the companies said.
The Dan Signor project is led by Signor on piano and vocals, Jason O'Neil on saxophone and Jerry Escobedo on drums.
They've got another humpty to lead them to doom, a signor Grillo who actually claims to be a comedian.
Britain has a population of more than 60 million while Spain has 46 million to pay Signor Rajoy's salary while we have just over four million souls.
The company has appointed Christine M Cisco and Patrick A Signor, who were vice presidents with HSBC Holdings, as wealth planners.
Yesterday's highlights The opening 6f maiden at Newcastle provided a thrilling finish as 9-1 Mr Spiggott came from way off the pace with a rattling late run to catch 11-8 market leader Signor Sassi on the line and defy the maximum 999-1 in running on Betfair.
We gestured in passing in the second number of volume II [of the Bullettino Meteorologico dell'Osservatorio del Collegio Romano] to the theory offered by Signor Kirchoff, as a substitution for the current view, about sunspots.
THE recent claim by Signor Fabio Capello that he needs a vocabulary of only 100 English words to say all he wants to his players set me thinking: what are those words, and how much can he really convey with such a limited vocabulary?
Signor Peltro is no stranger to this column in recent weeks.
Among other world premieres, she counts Gerald Barry's The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant at English National Opera, Luca Mosca's Signor Goldoni at La Fenice, Michel van der Aa's One, which she has toured through 11 countries, and Pascal Dusapin's Passion at the Festival d'Aix-en-Provence (and in a new production at Paris's Theatre du Champs Elysees to open the 2010/11 season).
It also pointed out that the famous Signor Farini, who dazzled audiences in the 1860s by walking across Niagara Falls on a tightrope, was William Leonard Hunt, whose mother was "the daughter of a United Empire Loyalist" who lived in Port Hope, Ontario.
Byline: Signor Sassi eatery is well-known among Mideastern residents.