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used as an Italian courtesy title


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The head separated from the body in the story of the Grand Signior may be taken as a metaphor for the disarticulation of the mental and bodily--or acquired and natural--tastes, a problem that preoccupies Burke in this section of the essay, as the subsequent story of the partisans of Virgil and Don Bellianis reveals.
13) France was ruled by an absolute monarch in accordance with the idea that princeps legibus solutus est, and in the Ottoman empire, Rycaut reports, "It is an ordinary saying among Turkish Cadees and Lawyers, That the Grand Signior is above the Law.
Coryat shows his features, but gives his name in the guise of an Italian gentleman, "Il Signior Tomaso Odcombiano.
Signior Baptista, my business asketh haste, And every day I cannot come to woo.
200 YEARS AGO: At the Theatre, Birmingham for one night only the celebrated Signior Rosignoi will give his inimitable imitations of various birds and likewise several pieces of music by the power of his lungs.
29) Less famous, but eighty-two years older, is The Instrumental Musick for December, 2 Sonata's [sic] for Violins in Parts by Signior [sic] Caldara and Signior [sic] Gabrielli, the Choicest of Their Works.
Mosca, however, replies to his master without moving to the door: "Tis signior VOLTORE, the Aduocate, / I know him, by his knock' (2P5v).
200 YEARS AGO:Constantinople: Immediately upon receiving the news of the victory of the Mouth of the Nile, the Grand Signior directed a superb diamond Aigretter (called a Chelengk, or Plume of Triumph) taken from one of the Imperial Turbans, to be sent t o Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson, together with a Pelice of Sable Fur of the first quality.
10 John Day, 'To Signior No-body', The Works of John Day, ed.
20) Lichfield is portrayed under the name of 'Sir Signior Medico de Campo', which looks back to the name he used in his response to Nashe.
I would be loath to have you overflowen with a honeybag, signior.
talk": "Most potent, grabe, and reberend Signiors, my bery noble and approbed good Massas: Dat I hab tuck away dis old man's darter--is true and no mistake.