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In summary, the proposal to require CEOs to sign corporate tax returns would impose a burden on CEOs that most are ill-trained to bear, would unnecessarily saddle companies with additional compliance costs, and represents a step backward for efficient tax administration since the person signing the return would not be the employee in the best position to ensure the accuracy or completeness of a complex multinational tax return.
Researchers have also used brain-imaging devices to link several left-brain sections to sentence comprehension during both reading and signing (SN: 11/23/96, p.
Be aware of the distance and signing space required for visually impaired individuals.
The binder agreement in this case, he wrote, accurately describe the property and stated that the purchase price was $65,500, with a $6,500 deposit to be paid upon the signing of a formal contract.
Videotaped signing interviews confirmed the subject's impression that her ability to sign and understand signing had not been dimmed.
Symbian Signed is the industry-endorsed application signing program that promotes best practices in Symbian OS(TM) content and application development.
SEATTLE -- DocuSign, the leading online signing service, today announced enhancements to its document signing interface that make it easier for consumers with slower Internet connections, such as dial-up or cellular, to quickly and easily review and sign documents online.
In addition to signing for Portfolio Merchandise Management System-I(TM) (MMS(R)), Hibbett Sporting Goods, a rapidly growing sporting goods retailer, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, a world-class art museum with average annual attendance of over 5 million visitors, signed for IDEAS(TM) and Arthur Merchandise Planning applications.
SEATTLE -- DocuSign, the leading online signing service, has been included in the list of "Cool Vendors" in the recently published "Cool Vendors in Security and Privacy, 2005" report by Gartner, Inc.
In states with the e-signature capability, a Progressive Direct customer who decides to purchase a policy online is offered the choice of signing many of the needed forms with an electronic signature or through the traditional method of having forms sent through the mail.
This includes secure signing sessions and a complete audit trails for signed documents.
Our easy `One-Pen(TM)' approach for signing all document types, regardless of the complexity of the signing process or the application environment, has been key to our success and the reason why over 900 organizations are using our electronic signature solutions today.
the company's Web-services subsidiary, is now offering Code Signing Certificates as part of its digital certificate offerings.