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You see it was all covered up, except the place for signing the names--"
Do you know," Lady Dedlock asks her, signing to her to bring her chair nearer, "do you know, Rosa, that I am different to you from what I am to any one?
As to this potty bank, I never even thought of it, much less that it would become a public duty to draw a hundred or so without signing for it.
Davis in the act of signing a secession act or some such document.
You would have no objection to signing a certificate of the fact, would you?
But both Captain Nichols and Strickland were bound East, and it chanced that the only opportunities for signing on were with ships sailing West.
Then we have another weird neighbor, who printed a beautiful sign in English and tacked it on the door of his cabin, which we have preempted, warning us to destroy none of his belongings, and signing himself "Tarzan of the Apes.
Look here, prince," said the general, with a cordial smile, "if you really are the sort of man you appear to be, it may be a source of great pleasure to us to make your better acquaintance; but, you see, I am a very busy man, and have to be perpetually sitting here and signing papers, or off to see his excellency, or to my department, or somewhere; so that though I should be glad to see more of people, nice people--you see, I--however, I am sure you are so well brought up that you will see at once, and-- but how old are you, prince?
Suppose we don't see our way to signing on a steward who travels in such style?
I ought surely to know what I am signing, Sir Percival, before I write my name?
She still had the pen in her hand, but she made no approach to signing her name with it.
If I have a scruple about signing my name to an engagement of which I know nothing, why should you visit it on me so severely?
I only refer to it at all, because it decided me to oppose her signing the parchment, whatever the consequences might be, unless she was first made acquainted with the contents.
By signing him with the same cross that I mark myself with, I knew us still to be one in its saving mystery, bridged by the wood that unites heaven and earth.
Treanor has found himself unconsciously signing at work, much to the amusement of his co-workers at Northrop Grumman