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the phonological or orthographic sound or appearance of a word that can be used to describe or identify something

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Subsequent discussion encompasses intellectual property theories, arbitration and economic rights to cultural signifiers, defining cultural signifiers as traditional knowledge and as cultural property, and traditional knowledge protection under the Draft WIPO Articles.
At the same time, in following the path of her literary hero, James Joyce, whose iconic Bildungsroman her own Land of Spices closely tracks, (7) O'Brien would have recognized how the increased self-reflexivity of the modernist novel was geared to the narrative deployment of indefinite or enigmatic signifiers.
Lacan's formations in fact evacuate meaning from the symbolic subject: a signifier represents a subject (not a meaning) for all other signifiers, and a subject (not a meaning) is what is represented by a signifier for another signifier.
In trans-identifying subject-positions, then, the dominant or hegemonic group--class, race, and gender relations--of society are viewed as weaving through and sliding between many discursive formations ("trans-discourse" as referred to by Pecheux) and their chains of signifiers and their associated meanings, becoming attached and linking themselves between the larger as well as smaller socially interactive, norm-making, group and identity formations of discourse.
With its rich history of various significations, the goat provided Hurston and Miller with a figure useful for dealing with the arbitrariness of blackness signifiers.
The fluid play of signifiers need not confine itself to conventional understandings, making an imaginary gender possible, needing no sleep because jazz is typically performed after hours.
It is not the only viable description of language, but, like structuralism, it holds a belief in the fact that signifiers produce meaning only in context with other signifiers--and thus that meaning is unstable and negotiable.
In the dramatic literature, such portrayals as Marlowe's of Zenocrate, Zabina, and Olivia only exacerbate the simultaneous acknowledgment and negation of women "as signifiers and functionaries" found in the military writi ngs (222).
You'll have an easier time figuring out who's double-crossing whom in this heist caper than you will decoding Brando's same-sex signifiers.
Constantine-Simms has gathered scholars, historians and activists--from bell hooks to Carey Alan Johnson and Earl Ofari Hutchinson--to discuss such topics as "Homosexuality in Africa" and "Iconic Signifiers of the Gay Harlem Renaissance.
In the discourse of the Master, the agent (speaker) foregrounds and valorizes certain identities, ideals, or values - which Lacan calls master signifiers and designates as [S.
The ones lower down on the ladder get razzed for not having the brand-name signifiers of those higher up.
One might even write a play about the perceptual conditions under which one might witness (or write) a play or even (I assume) about characters who were nothing but phonemes and signifiers.
The Lulus celebrate important geek characteristics and signifiers of supreme geekdom such as: Retentiveness, appearance and hygiene, social/asocial activities and habits, arrogance, skepticism, criticality and the rest of the standard and extraordinary measures of geekdom as best personified by an individual.