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the phonological or orthographic sound or appearance of a word that can be used to describe or identify something

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The Power of Absence: Zero Signifiers and their Transgressions".
As a result, the drive is not an automatic response to an outer agent, but it is a representation of something attached to the body, this is to say, it involves the primordial role of the signifier and its effect on the subject, a remark that clearly differentiates the drive from instincts (2).
Then the gradual list of signifiers, like 'a big house', 'Pajero', 'the impressive driveway', and last but not least in this list the influential father is also masking the reality of the signified as it is 'a good appearance' that discriminate him from his friend's life.
If this is starting to sound familiar, it is, because the signifiers in this instance can be compared to the metadata used to create bibliographic records and classification schemes, which can point us to the right document, the right subsection of a larger document, or even the physical location of a document within a library.
Subsequent discussion encompasses intellectual property theories, arbitration and economic rights to cultural signifiers, defining cultural signifiers as traditional knowledge and as cultural property, and traditional knowledge protection under the Draft WIPO Articles.
Hence, according to Derrida, language consists of dissemination of signifiers, existing in an incessant process in which a signifier leads to another signifier, rather than a final signified which encircles the meaning.
Moving away from the scholarly preoccupation with stereotypes of the Asian figure, King mines mise-en-scene instead for Orientalist signifiers.
If, then, neurosis is predicated on the repression of a signifier or chain of signifiers, psychosis represents a more radical rejection or, to the use the term Lacan uses throughout his third seminar, foreclosure.
This discussion of empty signifiers, therefore, would be a good start to diagnose the problem in Turkish-American relations, or problems in defining what "model partnership" really signifies.
Lacan's formations in fact evacuate meaning from the symbolic subject: a signifier represents a subject (not a meaning) for all other signifiers, and a subject (not a meaning) is what is represented by a signifier for another signifier.
If an iconic building must have a new and provocative image, but cannot directly call on the iconography that underlay traditional or religious architecture (because that is no longer believed), then it must produce enigmatic signifiers that allude to unusual codes.
Appropriating recognizable shapes and draining them of color--a grayed-out Stars and Stripes hung outside the gallery--Peinado shuffled and rearranged familiar signifiers of Americana to suggest new meanings.
Once they see how "chains of signifiers" position them to act in counter-productive or hegemonic ways, they may be disposed to act to "break the chains," re-define the meanings of the signifiers, and act in solidarity against social inequities, injustices, and power relations penetrating their cultures and sub-groups.
The important common element in these plays is their depiction of markers or signifiers of blackness as defined by white American conventions, myths, and stereotypes of African Americanness, such as prescribed black dialect, idiom, physicality, and disposition as arbitrary rather than accurate markers of race.
The movement from "spiral" to "spill," "acts" to "axe," suggests that the logic of the writing is based on sound, on the play of signifiers, with the axe of the sign's traditional authority--the assumption that it is identical to what it refers to--being used to destroy its power rather than assert it, freeing the words to act as musical entities.