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Synonyms for significantly

Synonyms for significantly

in a significant manner

in an important way or to an important degree


References in classic literature ?
The Professor had his ready, and as we met in the corridor he pointed to them significantly as he said, "They never leave me, and they shall not till this unhappy business is over.
Remember at a later period and at a certain moment, if any mischance should happen to you," said Richelieu, significantly, "that it was I who came to seek you, and that I did all in my power to prevent this misfortune befalling you.
Yes, honest -- I can certainly say that much for myself," continued the inn-keeper, fairly sustaining the scrutiny of the abbe's gaze; "I can boast with truth of being an honest man; and," continued he significantly, with a hand on his breast and shaking his head, "that is more than every one can say nowadays.
He replied in monosyllables and Athos and Aramis looked significantly at one another.
Honi soit qui mal y pense," murmured I, significantly.
Just before leaping from the pi-pi he clasped my hand, and looking significantly at me, exclaimed, 'Now you see--you do what I tell you--ah
The prince answered nothing, but she looked at him significantly, awaiting a reply.
He nodded his head to and fro significantly, opened the door with an adroit movement, and stepped out with a lightness unexpected at his age.
When the braided man had completed this strange tale Dorothy nearly laughed, because it was all so absurd; but the Wizard tapped his forehead significantly, to indicate that he thought the poor man was crazy.
Some crocodile has feasted well," he said significantly.
You'll probably see what she's like before we can get away," said Diana significantly.
the man answered significantly - and he kept his word.
What we want," Letton took up the strain, pausing significantly to sip his mineral water, "what we want is to take large blocks of Ward Valley off the hands of the public.
He pointed them out significantly to Borckman, who stood outside the circle so that no black should be able to come at his back.
Mirabel has made the best excuse he could think of for shortening his visit; and I don't wonder at it," she said, looking significantly at Emily.