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any digit of a number that is known with certainty

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which treats the elements of the tensor as digits base k, where the elements are taken in row major order, treating the first as the least significant digit, and the last as the most significant.
Though there are already other studies reporting higher precision values, up to 12 significant digits [17], for example, we will not employ them here for we do not need such precision as our method gives numbers up to the 6th significant digit.
But from an "abort timer," a device that stops dial-up data transmission if no data is sent within a predetermined time period, to "zero compression," the process that eliminates the storage of insignificant zeros to the left of the most significant digit, the dictionary aims to make everyone comfortable with the language of the Information Age.
We report numbers with too many significant digits (often by converting from English to metric units) and without error margins, mostly because we either have only one rep or we don't want to draw attention to imperfections in the data.
Rounding errors may occur - grades to 2 significant digits in this table.
Clinical reasoning is replaced by following a practice "guideline" from one prescribed information bit to another, and a diagnosis means a number with five significant digits (never mind that the first one is dubious) attached to an appropriate procedure code.
The west, too, had equally dedicated zealots; Rheticus, who was mentored by Copernicus, along with a team of four others, in a labor of twelve years, generated 388,800 entries of tables for the six standard trigonometric functions to fifteen significant digits in the last seven hundred pages of his Opus Palatinum.
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