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Synonyms for significancy

the gist of a specific action or situation

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Indicators/ External Internal t amount Variable control M,SD control M,SD Pain intensity NRS 3/94(2/67) 3/53(2/64) -0/76 Pain intensity VAS 3/98(2/69) 2/75(2/38) -2/16 * Disaster-making 4/5(5/76) 4/4(6/35) -0/09 Attention-diverting 8(8/82) 6/53(9/01) -0/81 Pain-ignoring 12/14(9/81) 14/66(11/76) 1/21 Hope 16/18(8/69) 15/50(10/58) 0/37 Pain reinterpretation 7/21(8/30) 8/60(9/61) 0/79 Self-talking 16/28(11/38) 15/5(13/38) -0/33 Indicators/ Significancy Variable Pain intensity NRS 0.
YK: Those three words left a significancy humming inside me: Taboo, Lust, and Bread And I said, "Yeah, that's right.
However, it is possible that because our low samples the difference in 36-week trained rats do not reach to statistical significancy.
Information on income and percentage share from different economic activities other than dairy production were also analysed to evaluate their significancy to the total household economy.
With this brain, so time-shattered, I must work, in order to give significancy and value to the few facts which I possess--alas