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Synonyms for signed

having a handwritten signature


used of the language of the deaf

References in classic literature ?
28thand began, `My dear Madam,' but I forget how it went on; and it was signed `F.
Miss Miller signed to me to sit on a bench near the door, then walking up to the top of the long room she cried out -
My master glanced towards the passage, and signed me to fetch the men: he had no intention of hazarding a personal encounter.
Lecount, "there is the Will to be signed first; and there must be two persons found to witness your signature.
He dipped the pen in the ink, and signed the Will without uttering a word.
But you would not have signed if you had not taken that second goblet.
d'Epinay, and the following day the contract will be signed.
I think it is kept a secret from grandpapa Noirtier, that the contract is to be signed this evening.
He then signed it himself, and my Lady and the Chancellor added their names as witnesses.
This is the one he read but didn't sign: and this is the one he signed but didn't read
Manifesto Signed by the Partners- Departure of M'Tavish for the Interior.
Baisemeaux," said Aramis, "and whatever you may have seen, the order is signed to release Marchiali, blot or no blot.
I met the seal-hunter, Pete Holt, and agreed to be his boat-puller and to sign on any schooner he signed on.
This scroll was signed with a stamp of Cherubim's wings, not spread but hanging downwards, and by them a cross.
Is it absolutely necessary," he asked "that this thing here, under your elbow, should be signed to-day?