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  • verb

Synonyms for signalize

to cause to be eminent or recognized

to make bodily motions so as to convey an idea or complement speech

Synonyms for signalize

provide with traffic signals

communicate silently and non-verbally by signals or signs

point out carefully and clearly

make conspicuous or noteworthy

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It is the intent of the City to procure the services of one (1) Professional Engineer to design a signalized intersection at SW California Boulevard and SW Del Rio Boulevard.
The R/A will be converted into a signalized junction to ease the traffic movement of residents from and to the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road.
In some cases an unsignalized median opening may improve operations of a signalized intersection, but only if designed correctly.
The development of approximately 3 kilometres of Najma Street, including the realignment and widening of the street, and the construction of two new signalized junctions at the junction of Al Hadara Street with Najma Street, and the junction of Oqba bin Nafie Street with Najma Street.
The City of Belmont would like to enter into a two (2) year agreement with a properly licensed contractor to provide on-call emergency services for six (6) City owned traffic signalized intersections located throughout the City.
The diamond interchange will include two at-grade signalized intersections, one at the I-295 northbound r amps and the other at I-295 southbound ramps.
Contract award: civil works on signalized intersections and retractable bollards.
Located on a signalized corner with 56,500 & 23,000 ADC on the cross streets.
Nelsen noted a public meeting will be scheduled for this summer to outline the scope of the project, which would be a signalized intersection with two lanes northbound and southbound.
Gaining a comprehensive understanding of drivers' decisions and behaviors in dilemma zone situations can help State, county, and city transportation agencies develop and deploy effective countermeasures to improve safety and reduce potential crashes at signalized intersections.
Yan and Radwan [4] studied driver behaviors at signalized intersections.
Therefore, in rush hours, pedestrian and vehicles damage right of crossing for instance; to exit from intersection the rotation to right of vehicle, pauses of vehicles on crosswalks, and movement effect on crossing speed of pedestrian in signalized intersection.
The topics include analysis of traffic capacity and design for the reconstruction of a large roundabout in Zagreb, the variability of start-up lost times and departure headways at signalized intersections in urban areas, pedestrian risk perception in signalized street crossings, formulating a large roundabout capacity under high demand flows, and a dynamic and automatic traffic light control system for solving the road congestion problem.
CHARLTON -- Town officials' request to install a signalized crosswalk on Route 20 at the intersection of North Main Street and Center Depot Road has been kicked to the curb by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.
The worldwide used current methodologies of capacity, delays, queue lengths and the level-of-service analysis of signalized intersections are based on the concept of saturation flow such as Akcelik (1981), Teply et al.