sign of the zodiac

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(astrology) one of 12 equal areas into which the zodiac is divided

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Frank Pilkington: Our stargazer compiles a guide for what's in store for each sign of the Zodiac in his six-page special.
Each of the twelve days is assigned to a disciple, a sign of the Zodiac, a spiritual center of the physical body, a specific attainment, and a thought meditation drawn from the Bible.
Christmas Meditations On The Twelve Holy Days informatively explores the intricacies of the season in which Earth travels through each sign of the Zodiac, and the best and most effective adaptation to utilize this limited time.
Captain Ahab, "a warlike figure steeped in ambition" (231) and driven by martian energies, is related to Aries, whereas the whale--a central character in the drama--is seen as an embodiment of Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac that struggles with Aries for zodiacal supremacy: Birk notes that in ancient zodiacs it was Taurus--not Aries--that started the year.
To this splendid elucidation, a sanctoral is added, together with advice on the husbandry required by men, animals, and plants during each of the months, followed by a summary of the effects of each sign of the zodiac on the human body and instructions on how to let blood.
Zodiac compacts - Estee Lauder has a golden compact for each sign of the zodiac, priced at $55.
Astrology also shows the sign of the zodiac and the stars positioned in the 12 houses of the chart.
What is the only sign of the zodiac to start and finish with the same letter?
Which sign of the zodiac covers parts of the months of August and September?
Horses to follow: Aazif, Bear Behind, Brundon, Cape King Of Jazz, Farang Kondiew, Karate, Lascaux, Lexington Spirit, Lordofthehouse, Lucanian, Master Bond, Montaser, Nine Realms, Sash Of Honour, Set To Music, Sign Of The Zodiac, Someone''s Darling, Yazdi, York Glory.