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a bank deposit from which withdrawals can be made without notice

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It has also proved necessary for banks to have a certain buffer--in other words, banks' aggregate sight deposits must be of a certain size after Norges Bank has supplied liquidity through monetary policy operations.
The highest growth in private sector funding was in sight deposits (current accounts, 10%, and saving accounts, 7%).
The liquidity of the banking system is banks' aggregate sight deposits in accounts in Norges Bank from one business day to the next.
Money supply continued to see a seasonal contraction on large withdrawals in mostly sight deposits.
The largest contributions came from foreign currency and sight deposits, which grew by 49% and 19% from a year ago.
Overnight loans 44 -110 Fixed-rate loans 4 652 13 499 Other central bank financing 8 497 648 Total reserves -4 965 25 638 Of which: Sight deposits with Norges Bank -4 965 25 638 Short-term Treasury notes 0 0 Other reserves (estimate) 0 0 // 1/1-29/2 Supply+/withdrawal- 1999 2000 Central govt.
The declines were in dinar sight deposits (-KWD 397 million) and foreign currency deposits (-KWD 140 million).
3% Banker's drafts and other sight deposits 99,474 167,222 67,748 68.
Norges Bank influences money market rates by using its key rates to set a corridor for interest rates, ie banks' interest rates on sight deposits in Norges Bank (deposit rate) and the interest rate on overnight loans to banks (overnight lending rate).
Sight deposits were also up a good KWD 156 million.
1 percent) as KD sight deposits dropped in February.
BB is the largest financial conglomerate in Brazil and a market leader in several segments, agricultural and export financing, asset management and deposits, due to its strong base of sight deposits, time deposits and savings.
Saving and sight deposits saw strong increases in April (+KWD 319 mn and +KWD 164 mn, respectively), while time and foreign currency deposits declined (-KWD 78 mn and KWD 54 mn, respectively).
A strong increase in KD deposits, propelled by a sizeable gain in sight deposits, was behind the increase in private resident deposits.
Sight deposits accounted for 11 percent of total funding in June 1995, while deposits made up another 55 percent.