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Synonyms for sift

Synonyms for sift

to set apart (one kind or type) from others

Synonyms for sift

move as if through a sieve

separate by passing through a sieve or other straining device to separate out coarser elements

check and sort carefully

distinguish and separate out


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An Approach to enhance security Environment based on SIFT feature and matching to iris recognition.
After applying the SIFT algorithm, several SIFT feature areas were determined in an image.
The first one is, from the SIFT algorithm itself, to improve the implement mechanism of SIFT algorithm so as to enhance the running speed of SIFT.
This section clarifies the local feature extraction, and highlights the different structures of the SIFT and the SURF feature detectors.
On the basis of marker pattern SIFT detects several characteristic points on image of robot, which are in the area of marker.
I've used them to sift compost and peat moss for potting soil, threshed beans and peas for food and seed, and gravel to separate sand from stone, sometimes for the sand, sometimes for the stone.
To achieve ICSA Labs SIFT Certification for Web filtering and management a product must demonstrate that it has the ability to provide appropriate monitoring, management, blocking and filtering activities, while not interfering with or disabling desirable Internet functional activities, produce appropriate logs and reports of user activities.
If you want, let buds sift through the castoffs first.
Web publisher for the student market, studentUK, has announced the appointment of online community specialist Sift for the rebuilding of studentUK.
The formula worked and now SIFT is one of the most sought after learning experiences by wannabe filmmakers and experienced professionals alike.
Earlier this year, 24/7 paid $22m for Sift Inc, which also maintains and markets an opt-in database of roughly three million names.
New information venture, Sift, targets specific industry sectors
The commission s sift criteria were informed by public consultation and incorporate a wide range of environmental, economic and social factors - including local environmental issues such as impacts on landscape and the built heritage.
In comparison with the state-of-the-art descriptor SIFT [6], PPD is more efficient since it neither computes gradient orientation nor applies any interpolation to the feature representation while yet preserving considerable distinctiveness.