sieve tube

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tube formed by cells joined end-to-end through which nutrients flow in flowering plants and brown algae

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In the process of differentiation of the sieve tube members, a unique development process occurs.
In the Type II wedge, the young wood consists only of radial rows of cells (xylem vessels, much fibres and little or no parenchyma) while the bast consists of sieve tube elements, some fibres and parenchyma (Fig.
Analysis of the material on the sieve tubes and compensators exchanger in terms of the damage
The scrutiny of the Figures 1,2,3 and 4 showing the transverse sections of lateral vascular bundles along the successive internodes in rachis (numbering 1 to 19) depicts that concurrently with the decline in vascular size, the number and cross-sectional surface area of xylem vessels and sieve tubes declined acropetally and the greatest reduction occurred in the middle segment of spike (between internode 5 to 14).