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a long siege of Orleans by the English was relieved by Joan of Arc in 1429


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After 600 years, the siege of Orleans might be forgotten as just another one of the innumerable skirmishes between Britain and the Continent except for its most famous participant.
Cannon boring was a technology already well understood decades before the siege of Orleans.
As a parenthesis, it should be noted that the day of St Joan is traditionally May 8th, the day on which she relieved the siege of Orleans, but in recent years, the FN has celebrated it on May 1st--ostensibly because it wishes to be associated with a date that is important in working-class history.
She lifted the siege of Orleans, changed the course of the Hundred Years War and was eventually burned by the English as a heretic.
She wants the documents to speak to the reader as they spoke to her of a remarkable woman who accomplished what no one else of her time could accomplish--the lifting of the siege of Orleans and the crowning of Charles VII at Rheims.
PHOTOClad in white armor, Joan (Milla Jovovich) arrives at the battlefield for the siege of Orleans in ``The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc.
The castle is also where Joan of Arc prepared for her siege of Orleans in 1429.
As we trailed through her simple farmhouse and listened to the inevitable guide's tales of the siege of Orleans and the crowning of the Dauphin, all this came back and -- despite my mother's francophile promptings -- a primitive scepticism came over me.
Principal battles: siege of Orleans (1428-1429); Patay (1429); siege of Compiegne (1430).