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Synonyms for sideway

with one side forward or to the front

from the side

toward one side

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Boss' ball got trapped sideways in the bunker (or sand trap).
Indeed, after a nonshared medium close up from behind of Alex's looking down (at her own genitals) through the mirror, the camera pans slightly to the left, significantly allowing us to see the doll's hands and legs at the back as well as anticipating Alex's immediate sideways movement towards the window in order to be able to see Alvaro watching her.
However, exports out of the world's major manufacturing centers have since moved sideways, suggesting that external demand has softened up.
Use of tool belt is the least frequently performed activity by the respondent (0%) while activities involving twisting, reaching, sideways bending and unequal lifting is performed most frequently by the respondents (79%).
Both cranes were augmented with Terex Sideway Superlift (SSL) telescopic boom attachments.
Thereby, (s,d) denote the forward position of the road center line and the sideway position from the road center line, respectively.
We can observe a growing trend in the years 2006 to 2007, a decreasing trend with a follow-up partial correction in the years 2008 and 2009 and a sideway trend which comes after the year 2010.
Var of rescue units pulling the wind screen of bus to the sideway
Due to the vertical sideway and pitching, as well as inability to correct through GPS under the water, it is more difficult to control the track of the submarine.
Automatic Parking is an automated maneuvre for the car from a traffic lane to a parking spot in order to perform a sideway, perpendicular or at an angle parking and has the effect of enhancing comfort and driving safety in tight spaces that require alot of experience and patience.
Following unload, the brakes are disengaged, the lateral wheels are actuated downward to lift the fixture off the primary rails, the tug is brought around to the side, air and electric are disconnected, and the fixture is towed sideway to the recirculation lane.
The character of Lady Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham, is played by Elizabeth McGovern, who brings to perfection the patrician execution of the downward tilt of the head and sideway upward glance characteristic of ladies of that era.
According to the update, there were at least seven deals of more than 100,000 sq ft with one of the biggest seeing Dunelm taking 525,000 sq ft at Prologis Park Sideway, close to Junction 15 of the M6 at Stoke-on-Trent.
The only nostalgic sideway available for Willy is his transvaluation of the American Dream in terms of his death, or how much his death is worth.
Por ello, durante las cuatro ultimas decadas, el discurso europeista referido a las fronteras entre Estados miembros o intracomunitarios se ha movido, clara y rotundamente, en las coordenadas del discurso transborder (Lofgren, 2008; Sideway, 2001), insistiendo en la consideracion de las fronteras intraeuropeas como "espacios de interseccion y cooperacion" (Cairo, Godinho y Pereiro, 2009; Comision Europea, 2007).