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Synonyms for sidestep



Synonyms for sidestep

to avoid fulfilling or answering completely

Synonyms for sidestep

a step to one side (as in boxing or dancing)

avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (duties, questions, or issues)

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The experiments measured the ankle kinematics and kinetics during stance phase of the sidestep cutting and compared the results with the ankle mechanics during straight walking.
With Sidestep, you can now avoid long lines and take comfort in knowing your order is waiting for you at an exclusive Sidestep table.
SideStep, which is based in the Silicon Valley of Santa Clara, California, in the US, was founded in 1999, and has 5m monthly users.
SideStep executive Russ Lemelin said: "We are astonished how much time and money is wasted searching for the right travel deal on-line.
It is an inbuilt feature of the Java language and allows one to sidestep a common source of maintenance woes.
Both Bartsia and Cuscuta tap into their hosts by jutting tiny tendrils through the host's protective outer layer, perhaps making it possible for foreign DNA to sidestep the host's natural defenses.
Though standard Japanese building regulations generally prohibit the external use of timber in urban areas, Kuma managed to sidestep this injunction by installing a sprinkler in each of the 84 mullions.
Today, law enforcement uses the grand jury system to sidestep constitutional limitations, such as bans on unreasonable seizures and compulsory self-incrimination.
Bechtel, a California-based construction conglomerate, "now plans to sidestep Washington and apply directly to the Iraqi oil ministry for work.
It's also the only way that the participants could sidestep the regulatory barriers that foiled an earlier plan to form such a master bank.
Bartering networks, local exchange trading systems and radical approaches like locally - instead of federally - issued currency allow one to largely sidestep dollar bills and credit cards.
One way to sidestep the fees is to enroll the recipient in a dividend reinvestment plan (DRP).