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(Church of England) an assistant to the churchwarden

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And Joyce Havard, a church warden and wife of sidesman Philip, said yesterday, 'We have had a big nuisance with youngsters and we are dreading the thought of the nightclub opening.
People were chattering to each other in normal voices, quite unlike the whispers of childhood church-going, when the loudest sounds were the `sshhhh' of adults and the click and low whistle of loose false teeth that somehow harmonised with those hisses of an indeterminate nature, which apparently had their source in the sidesman, who was by calling and inclination a Garibaldi biscuit fancier.
Miss Liz Pearson was the organist and her husband Peter was the sidesman.
Luke Sharples, a church sidesman, who served with the Life Guards from 1979-94, and his wife Helen, have set up the fund, supported by Bill Sergeant, a retired detective chief inspector, with the West Derby Rotary Club.
Liz Pearson was the organist, Kim Howe read the lesson and Peter Pearson was sidesman.
Peter Pearson was sidesman and Jacqueline France led the intercessions.
During his years in Huddersfield he was closely involved with St Paul's Church where he was head chorister and also a sidesman.
Margaret Trayte read the lessons, Jacqueline France offered the prayers and Peter Pearson was sidesman.
Jacqueline France assisted with the chalice, Rev Judy Kenworthy led the prayers and Peter Pearson was sidesman.
Hilary Livingstone read the first lesson, Peter Pearson was sidesman and Jacqueline France led the prayers.
Georgi, Lottie, Harry and Lacey helped Rev Judy with a talk and also helped sidesman Peter Pearson with the collection.
Peter Pearson was sidesman, the organist was Liz Pearson and the music group accompanied one of our hymns.
Jacqueline France led the service and Peter Pearson was sidesman.
Peter Pearson was sidesman, Hilary Livingstone read the lessons and the organist was Elizabeth Pearson WOOLDALE The service at Wooldale Methodist Free |Church on Sunday was led by Mrs Wendy Bower when readings were taken from Jeremiah 6 verses 13 to 20 and Psalm 77 verses 10 to 20 articles were also read from the Our daily Bread bible notes book.
Kim Howe led the intercessions and Peter Pearson the sidesman.