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an unexpected slide


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a flight maneuver

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Experimental validation of vehicle sideslip angle observers.
B-level station can undertake tests on auto technical status and maintenance quality, including brake, sideslip, lighting, steering, front-wheel alignment, speed, dynamic balance, fuel consumption, engine power & igniting system, abnormal sound, distortion, noise and exhaust emission.
The third and most important objective were limiter assaults, in which the remote pilot deliberately exceeded the defined boundaries of controllability - such as angle of attack, sideslip angle and acceleration -- to see whether the airplane's computer could keep it flying steady.
We still could see from the side doors, so we started an upward sideslip.
He crawled out onto the wing and reached back to put the machine in a blazing sideslip.
The 4WD model combines VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist system, which includes an Antilock Brake System, Traction Control System, and sideslip control) with Hill-Start Assist - a Honda first - which temporarily maintains brake pressure after the brake pedal is released when starting on a hill to ensure smoother starts.
Normally the full system is on, but by pressing the DSC button once the system allows some sideslip and counter-steering, whilst if the button is held down the traction control is completely disengaged.
Normally, the full system is on but by pressing the DSC button once the system allows some sideslip and counter-steering, while, if the button is held down, the traction control is completely disengaged.
ESP can help the vehicle to reduce the danger from sideslip so as to reduce the accidents as well as the huge losses caused by bad road conditions and errors from drivers.
Braking process by achieving a minimum of braking space is optimal in the moment when the sideslip of the braked wheel would have the values corresponding to maximum of drag factor (Thierheimer et al.
The aircraft was flying but with a significant sideslip.
The various equipments - ranging from altimeters through angle of attack and sideslip indicators to gyroscopic horizons - produced by this division are used by about every military and civil aircraft manufacturer in the Western hemisphere including Gulfstream Aerospace, CASA, Panavia, Embraer and FAMA.
The engines have performed flawlessly under all test conditions, including extreme angle of attack, sideslip and spins to the limit of the aircraft's capability.
Generally the dashboard is defined as a modern information and decision tool, which provides information about key points of their financial administration and about possible sideslip to executives.