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a subordinate incident of little importance relative to the main event

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a minor show that is part of a larger one (as at the circus)

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Crowds will be entertained by musicians such as Spark, The LED Drummers, Cornalusa and Cigo; stilt-walkers The Dapper Chaps; the Sarakasi Acrobats; and entertainers Sideshow Stevie and Art Prometheus, among others.
IN THE FILM "Lawrence of Arabia," Sir Donald Wolfit, playing the acerbic General Murray, remarks that, in light of the panorama of the World War, fighting the Turks in the Arabian Desert is no more than "a sideshow of a sideshow.
Rhyl's reborn Butterfly Girl and other sideshows will be situated at Showzam Central, a special zone within Blackpool's famous Winter Gardens complex, that will be packed with free entertainment, live magic shows, cabaret, exhibitions and more during the festival.
Davidson later turned his story into a carnival sideshow, culminating with a very final presentation from within a lion's den at Skegness.
SON OF A GUN Richard Harries from The Arizona Rangers' sideshow
Indeed, while the camera lingers on Beloved, the sounds of the carnival are heard, a clear pairing between Beloved and the sideshow.
Although the old-school sideshows have fallen out of favor, pushed out of traveling carnivals by mechanical rides, the medium is enjoying a renaissance in Coney Island and other parts of New York.
When sideshows peaked in the early 1900s and mummies were in demand, many operators bought fake ones from a catalogue.
BOY, THERE'S NOTHING QUITE LIKE a good carnival sideshow, is there?
In the end, "Vision and Reality" was like the opening of a new shopping center: With ticker tape, sideshows, and lots of goods on offer, your kicks were guaranteed.
Finally, "Relocations of the Freak Show" considers how sideshows and dime museums have been transformed in the politically correct late twentieth century.
Individuals with this disorder have an upper body and face covered with hair and have often ended up in sideshows as human werewolves, say the authors.
More often, talk shows will feature people with physical conditions similar to those who were attractions in sideshows.
Minority suppliers have heard these promises before, then watched the SBA and the MBDA reduced to sideshows by previous presidential administrations.
the Blue Monkey Sideshow will offer a spectacle in the tradition of the classic carnival sideshows, but with a decidedly contemporary, humorous twist.