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a subordinate incident of little importance relative to the main event

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a minor show that is part of a larger one (as at the circus)

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Through their deals, Hasbro, Sideshow and Disguise will also put considerable marketing behind the release of the film, which is skedded to hit theaters Aug.
Asked if he was aware who Sideshow Bob is, Benitez said: "I'm aware David Luiz is one of the best players in the Premier League, by miles - miles away from a lot of players.
That theme is not a sideshow but, instead, the main event in the center ring.
But, the Butterfly Girl will re-emerge from her dusty cocoon next week at Blackpool's Showzam festival of circus and magic after being painstakingly recreated by sideshow expert Jon Marshall.
is the first of several laptops that offer the SideShow feature.
The XPS 420 includes Microsoft's SideShow technology, with a small colour display integrated into the front panel, providing access to stored media, certain system functions and standard Window SideShow gadgets, without using the mouse or keyboard.
I'm sure that most Geographical readers would agree with the sentiments of Simon de Trey-White, who writes of otter fishing that "this ancient tradition has an intrinsic value of its own, and it would be a real tragedy for it to be relegated to a sideshow for tourists or, worse, to disappear altogether".
It is also how he thinks he can prove that he is not the Popsock Perv, which in reality, will prove nothing of the kind and only make him a sideshow freak enriching an ambitious reporter.
And then there's Flicka, the mustang who will either end up a pet or a rodeo sideshow.
Indeed, while the camera lingers on Beloved, the sounds of the carnival are heard, a clear pairing between Beloved and the sideshow.
COM) The first issue of this marvelous new semiannual Brooklyn-based audio magazine, edited by Rebecca Gates and Lucy Raven, features a chat with retired sideshow performers, a pathetic found love letter, goofy improvised poems, and interviews with Alvin Lucier and Merce Cunningham.
Freaky Circus Guy," an hourlong documentary about a circus enthusiast who starts his own sideshow, will screen as this weekend's Late Night at the Bijou feature.
Together, the unlikely pair encounter a host of memorable characters including twin sideshow fat ladies, squabbling philosophers, an escape artist, and others.
Tuma is said to be becoming a skate sideshow attraction.