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a subordinate incident of little importance relative to the main event

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a minor show that is part of a larger one (as at the circus)

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SideShow solutions enable users to interact with the Windows Vista operating system through the use of "gadgets", tiny applications developed within the Windows Vista environment that enable truly remote access to information and applications.
Sideshow is selling a collection of detailed statues and busts with a pedigree that will likely pass muster with even the most devoted fans of books by J.
As these Windows SideShow devices become readily available, we anticipate that Windows SideShow will be a key technology in the adoption of Microsoft Vista media centers PC in the home," said David Krinker, CEO of CasaTools.
We're confident that our extensive experience of working with the Microsoft operating systems and our core competencies in the mobile device space provide the right combination of skills to develop the next generation of devices for Windows SideShow.
The show's eagerness to emphasize what reg'lar folks the sideshow freaks are, how much they "want to be like everybody else," doesn't make the audience stretch very far.
The FranklinCovey Task List Gadget for Windows SideShow is a mini-application which allows users immediate access to their FranklinCovey Task List whether their PC is on, off or in sleep mode - increasing productivity and saving time and battery life.
Z1 Notebook Series Features a Secondary Display in the Lid for Enjoying Windows SideShow Gadgets and Media On-The-Go
Rather, since the whole event is a sideshow event akin to midway carnies trying to lure dupes into tossing softballs at weighted milk bottles, we'll rate selected press conferences - and, by extrapolation, their representative shows - on their entertainment value.
SideLink, from Interlink Electronics, uses both Windows SideShow and Bluetooth([R]) wireless technologies to put control of the Windows Vista Media Center in the palm of your hand from anywhere in the home.
CES 'Best of Innovations' Winner Extends Windows SideShow Capabilities to Bluetooth-Enabled Wireless Devices
But the recipients of my aforementioned gratitude underscore the fact that without this year's tawdry sideshow acts, this year's Academy Awards ceremony would be about as must-see-worthy as the Oscar-nominated ``Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.
a leading provider of home digital entertainment solutions, today announced the launch of the RICAVISION Microsoft Windows Vista SideShow Media Center Remote Control, which makes use of the Vista SideShow auxiliary display platform to allow convenient access to information received from a Windows Vista-based PC.
Unlike basic infrared controllers, Bluetooth remote control devices enabled with an NVIDIA Preface platform interact directly with a Media Center PC via Windows SideShow.
L), the inventor and manufacturer of ElekTex[R] smart fabric touchpads for consumer electronics, today announced the availability of its Wearable Display Module (WDM) for Microsoft Windows SideShow, a computer auxiliary display product for integration into soft-goods such as bags, backpacks and clothing.