sidereal year

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the time for the earth to make one complete revolution around the sun, relative to the fixed stars

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054% as a function of the orientation of the vector between the two gravitating Cavendish spheres and the direction to large stars, and also that G is periodic with the sidereal year This histogram periodicity can only develop, in my judgment, if gravity is based on external impinging particles such that once per sidereal year the bulk of the Earth is interrupting the flux of gravity-bearing particles some of which never reach the measuring instrumentation (the Cavendish spheres).
This work is regarded by the author as of profound significance, and relates to analogous sidereal year, lunar month, and solar day, periodicity in properties of radioactive decay of Pu-239, observed and reported by S.
054% with the orientation of the torsion pendula masses with the stars, and that G is periodic over the sidereal year [21]--this periodicity arguing for a strong link between the Shnoll radioactive decay data and gravity.
440 min), the calendar year (365 solar days), and the sidereal year (365 solar days plus 6 hours and 9 min).