sidereal year

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the time for the earth to make one complete revolution around the sun, relative to the fixed stars

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The scale of some of these events organized close to major showers supports the idea the Maya were able to calculate the length of the sidereal year, and in all probability kept track of and observed Eta Aquariid meteor showers and outbursts," says Kinsman.
He also determined the length of the sidereal year to within 25 seconds, and measured Earth's axial tilt more accurately than either Nicolaus Copernicus or Tycho Brahe.
at the time of an integer number of the solar days nearest to the sidereal year [T.
054% as a function of the orientation of the vector between the two gravitating Cavendish spheres and the direction to large stars, and also that G is periodic with the sidereal year This histogram periodicity can only develop, in my judgment, if gravity is based on external impinging particles such that once per sidereal year the bulk of the Earth is interrupting the flux of gravity-bearing particles some of which never reach the measuring instrumentation (the Cavendish spheres).
Some of the date drift is due to the precession of the Earth's axis, which shifts the calendar with respect to where the Earth is located in its orbit (that is, the sidereal year is 20 1/2 minutes longer than the tropical year, an excess that accumulates to 14 1/2, days in 1,000 years).