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a cocktail made of orange liqueur with lemon juice and brandy

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conveyance consisting of a small carrier attached to the side of a motorcycle

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Granddaughter Helen Holland said Eva and Frank used to travel by motorcycle with Eva in the sidecar.
Lerios was sleeping in the sidecar on Gate 5, Area A, when a unidentified man approached Lerios and stabbed him twice in the chest.
ANGLESEY CIRCUIT THIS weekend's Wirral 100 Motor Club event at Anglesey Circuit brings together quality club racing, the cream of British Formula 2 sidecars competing for British titles, and the nostalgia of Classic Bike Parades.
Davie Lillie, who owns Ayton Autos on Bedlington Station, shared a passion for sidecar racing with Mr Bell.
A statement released by Isle of Man TT organisers said: "ACU Events Ltd regrets to announce that sidecar driver Ian Bell, 58, from Bedlington, Northumberland was killed following an accident at Ballaspur during today's Sidecar Race 2.
I'm still going to have a go at the Empire Classic - I can't miss it, especially as it might be the only sidecar event there this season".
Pulses patented Sidecar package has the coil inserted at one end of an open package with the high isolation pins placed at the other end.
General Motors Corporation (NYSE: GM), a United States-based automaker, has acquired San Francisco-based Sidecar Technologies Inc.
Sidecar said Ascent Venture Partners has led a round of Series B financing to raise USD8.
When we get where we are going, the sidecar is half-full of leaves.
Now that the Houthis have consolidated their control over Sana'a's bustling streets, Mohammad says he and many other motorcycle taxi drivers have removed the sidecar, knowing the traffic police are unlikely to punish them.
Sidecar - the later Jaguars It has been established to develop and oversee heritage and the creation of special vehicles, such as the recently announced Jaguar Project 7 - a limited edition F-Type, which takes its inspiration from the legendary D-type.
FRESH from his first TT sidecar race victory, Conrad Harrison will be reunited with his long-time passenger Lee Patterson at the Cock O'the North Road Races on Saturday and Sunday July 19 and 20 at Oliver's Mount.
The typical structure involves a reinsurance sidecar that is collateralized to the extent needed to pay potential claims.
Ex-Clydeside shipyard worker Paul operates the UK's only fleet of sidecar hearses to transport motorbike enthusiasts to their final resting place.