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a natural or surgical joining of parts or branches of tubular structures so as to make or become continuous

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IEJ was reported to reduce the risk of stenosis by creating a side-to-side anastomosis stoma using liner stapler.
End vein-side artery anastomosis is associated with longterm patency and lower rate of venous hypertension in hand,[9] but in our study, we found that side-to-side anastomosis had more patency rates.
7) polypectomy, resection of intestine, side-to-side anastomosis Sigmoid colectomy with colorectal 1 (1.
The BowelRing[TM] is the next advancement in the company's BioDynamix[TM] Anastomosis Technology platform and is currently being evaluated for side-to-side anastomosis, most often utilized in small bowel and right colon procedures.
A variation of this procedure involves an end-to-side (piggyback technique) or side-to-side anastomosis, thereby leaving the recipient IVC intact (Figure 1B).