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They believe given FDA approval, and time for clinicians to become comfortable with the idea of a method of delivering a MAO inhibitor antidepressant with an excellent side-effect profile, the selegiline patch could become the first line of treatment for depression.
According to attorney Paul Smith of Austin, Texas, another member of Julia Bishop's legal team, "Roche/Hoffmann-La Roche is negligent for manufacturing a drug they knew or should have known could cause depression, psychosis and suicide and failing to adequately test the drug to determine whether it had dangerous side-effects.
Scarantino said that although the drug had a real impact on dry mouth symptoms, it did not have an effect on another troubling side-effect of radiation treatment for head and neck cancer: mucositis.
Data for the special group of 22 study patients, who were randomly assigned to receive CMM but subsequently failed traditional pain management options, show that the addition of intrathecal pain therapy improved pain scores by more than 15 percent and reduced side-effect scores by more than 47 percent after one month.
Zoloft is an antidepressant that in some people causes violent and suicidal side-effects.
This number is anticipated to grow dramatically as the FDA continues to go after drug companies for selling drugs which have serious side-effects such as blindness, heart attacks and death.
Schwartz added, "The currently marketed insulin sensitizers, while very effective, are unfortunately associated with a few notable side-effects, such as weight gain, which bothers the patients the most, and edema that can precipitate congestive heart failure, which is of most concern to us physicians.
Tamoxifen taken orally has significant side-effects however, as it is recognized as both an agonist and antagonist by the body.