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As a union-owned bank, we were particularly concerned about the company's failure to disclose Vanlev's potential side-effects," stated Noel Beasley, the Lead Plaintiff and a representative from the Longview Fund.
Unlike these well known drugs, Gulf Biomedical has been able to combine compounds which are virtually all natural and contain no known side-effect.
Compared to the current generation of anti-inflammatory biologics, AT-001 is intended to have specific and not broadly immunosuppressive action, is oral and has to-date demonstrated a very favorable side-effect profile.
This may result in efficacy with a manageable side-effect profile in indications where improvements in therapeutic outcome are still needed.
Animal toxicology studies have continued to indicate that this compound is safe, well tolerated and predicts a benign side-effect profile.
A new transdermal patch provides an effective antidepressant drug with an excellent side-effect profile, according to a study published in November's American Journal of Psychiatry.