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the side of an automobile tire

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a wall that forms the side of a structure

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The side walls and the lower surface of the iceberg thickened visibly.
Not only will the side walls be pressed together; but there is not ten feet of water before or behind the Nautilus.
Down the side wall facing the window stood a row of kitchen chairs from which the older women had just risen.
1st floor cleaning of ceiling, side walls, Pillers etc,
These solutions have been obtained as limiting cases of more general solutions corresponding to the unsteady motion of the fluid between two side walls perpendicular to a flat plate that applies oscillating shear stresses to the fluid.
KIRKLEES Council has made the following decisions on Huddersfield district planning applications: Conditional permission: * Kirklees Council, provision of ramped access from Manchester Road onto Huddersfield narrow canal towpath, inc stone side walls to stone setted ramp and metal, Canal Towpath, inc stone side walls to stone setted ramp and metal, Canal Towpath adjacent to 174 Manchester Road, Huddersfield.
The closure, implemented on Saturday, will facilitate construction of bridges and side walls of tunnel on Al Salam Road.
A pair of side walls extends between the top and bottom walls so that a plurality of the diapers each folded back along the crotch region are compactly packed within a space surrounded by these walls.
The TKTS booth will be a free-standing, custom-fabricated fiberglass shell that sits beneath the steps, and will be visible through the glass side walls of the structure.
Generated heat from material against stationary side walls, abrasion or from material degradation is dramatically reduced with the MTG's rotating end disc design, according to the manufacturer.
Internal storage shelves are provided between the back of the racks and the Relay's body side walls.
a producer of side walls and other products for the RV industry.
The cut-away slab of the arcades had braced the side walls, which are of masonry and partly underground, so subject to lateral pressure from surrounding earth.
I nailed a spike through a post slot and secured both side walls.