side of pork

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dressed half of a hog carcass

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Try it with a side of pork fat, and remember: "This is nor rocket science
Discard thin strip of fatty meat from 1 side of pork.
But now Butch and Sundance are back in captivity after some trotter squealed on them - no doubt hoping to get a side of pork by way of reward.
There were several winners in various age groups, who walked off with prizes such as a side of pork.
In fact, the Duke of York is as useful to British exports as a side of pork.
We will even have a side of pork so that people can see what would actually happen if someone did stab them with a knife.
Many young chefs have never seen a hindquarter of beef, a carcass of lamb or a side of pork, let alone actually remove the joints.