side judge

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a football official

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It did not happen DEFENCE TO JURY Do not allow sympathy to cloud your judgment for either side JUDGE TO JURY
Two of the officials had previously worked OSU's game at Utah, side judge Mike Cuttone and field judge Brad Robinson, as part of the Mountain West crew at that Oct.
2) The Ravens' Terrell Suggs talks with side judge Rick Patterson, left, and head linesman Phil McKinnely after the Patriots scored their winning touchdown on Monday night.
Just as a receiver works on getting in and out of pass routes, a side judge will work on marking off penalties.
He was hired by the NFL in 1990 as a side judge and, five years later, he was promoted to referee.
WALK ON THE WILD SIDE Judge James Honeyborne and host Nick DUMB AND DUMBER Dawn and Garry
The one on Joey Forster, he got pushed from behind and the side judge missed that, the late personal foul, and it was a disastrous penalty," Bellotti said, implying that Forster was caught retaliating against an OSU player.
Replays showed his left foot landed out of bounds, but side judge Harvey Jones ruled it a touchdown.