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an exterior door at one side of a building

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Pausing only a moment, however, she sped across the big neglected lawn and around the house to the side door under the porte-cochere.
The stage rumbled to the side door of the brick house, and Mr.
By this time we had come to the house, where I found his room to be one just within the side door, with a little window in it looking on the court-yard.
These blocks hold the front pivot points for the side doors.
The vehicles supplied are, depending on the arrangement to be made, either fitted with sliding side doors or, in the case of vehicles fitted with curtains, supplied without side doors.
MARKET leader Maruti Suzuki India Limited ( MSIL) announced recall of 33,098 units of its small car models Alto 800 and Alto K10 manufactured between December 8, 2014, and February 18, 2015, on Tuesday to rectify defective latches on right side doors.
25, 1970: "The Bulletin is now found at the side doors.
He said, "the era of packing the Parliament through the back door by using the defunct Article 58 (2) (b) is over for all times and no back doors and side doors will be allowed to be reopened for sending the elected Parliaments home.
FIRST Minister Carwyn Jones renewed his attack on Cardiff Airport yesterday - accusing it of leaving passengers locked in baggage halls and forcing people to use side doors because the front was not open.
Experimental investigation of side doors anti-intrusion beams has been performed at Kaunas University of Technology in the laboratory Strength of Materials of K.
With its new housing, oven side doors, catwalk for access to the feeder, and blowing-wheel frame, the SBO Universal reportedly offers better operator access and reduced maintenance costs.
During this period, the theater's front entrance will be closed and visitors will gain access through side doors.
The side doors were jammed and would not open, and it required the combined efforts of Ottinger and Chvala to eventually open the van, pull her through a window, and carry her up the hill to safety.
The device automatically deploys from vehicles' side doors.
Level-1 door modules (or base modules) make up just over 14 percent of all side doors of vehicles produced in North America.