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an exterior door at one side of a building

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Pausing only a moment, however, she sped across the big neglected lawn and around the house to the side door under the porte-cochere.
The stage rumbled to the side door of the brick house, and Mr.
By this time we had come to the house, where I found his room to be one just within the side door, with a little window in it looking on the court-yard.
A woman fell out the side door of a minibus after dancing in the aisle, it is claimed.
LOCKWOOD | |Thieves broke in through the side door of a property on Woodhead Road and stole a Black & Decker drill on September 29 at 5pm.
Then he constructed the rest of the side door frames using Bimini connectors with the appropriate angles.
Gone is the eccentric single rearhinged side door that opened out to passing traffic and in come four conventional doors.
The Side Door bistro has closed but will be reopened by the same couple under its new name Jenever later this month.
From customer perspective, there is no concern if the right hand side door ( front and rear) is completely latched.
We also call attention to TOO MANY who are leaving before mass is completed, in particular, those three souls going out the side door on SL Joseph's side.
He tried to sneak out a side door at the court but was caught in the act - again - by our photographer.
The man entered the building through a side door off Victoria Square, stole the items and left by the same door.
I know of situations, and have seen them myself, where people have been locked in the baggage hall and where the front door was not open and people had to go in through a side door - I had to do that the last time I used the airport.
Natasha Ighodaro had to go in through a side door to marry Nick Cunningham after the front doors were shut on the demonstrators who have been camped out on the cathedral's steps.
In this work frontal side door anti-intrusion beam behaviour in the sense of safety of the most important car structure combination running into a pole has been investigated.