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a small chapel off the side aisle of a church

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The low sun creates a moody setting inside The Baptistry - one of the many hidden gems and side chapels inside the Liverpool Purchase: www.
Wade anniversary, have filled every seat and aisle, spilling into side chapels, stairwells, and even the lower Crypt Church, where pilgrims view the Mass on large television screens.
These frescoes were soon superseded by side chapels and 28 panels that included such subjects as posthumous miracles.
And in contrast to most churches of any period, the pitched and warped nave roof, 95ft (29m) tall at its highest point, is some 30ft (9m) lower than the side chapels.
There are fifteen side chapels, one for each mystery of the rosary--one for the presentation of Christ in the temple, another for the finding of Him in the temple, one for His death on the cross, and so on.
Its altar work and side chapels are considered by art experts some of the finest anywhere.
Neal's scope of work included relighting the main sanctuary, 20 side chapels, the entry and alcoves within these spaces.
Couples who have permission to get married in the cathedral can either choose to exchange their vows in one of the side chapels or the crypt.
The high altar and side chapels of the cathedral have been adorned with thousands of flowers - thanks to the volunteer helpers from churches throughout the Archdiocese of Liverpool who are able to see the results of their splendid efforts.
Carved out of the opposite gabion wall are four vertical recesses (part side chapels, part boutique installations) with stone, willow, hazel and rock salt stacked into columns.
It has five naves and 46 side chapels, making it almost square rather than the traditional rectangle of a British cathedral.